Demons are a race of creatures native to the realm of Hell.

Appearance Edit

The Demon race has a variety of species, all of which have their own individual characteristics, but there are general parts of a demon that reoccur in most species.

Demons typically have horns and wings. These horns can range in amount, from having just one horn to having four horns upon their heads. Their wings are almost always bat-like, though there are some species that have feathered wings.

All species of demon have sharp teeth and claws, even in their human forms, which you could consider to be Unhidden Traits. Their claws are naturally black and extremely sharp. Their teeth usually have flat incisors, then long, sharp canines, as well as sharp molars.

Unhidden Traits Edit

An Unhidden Trait is a part of a demon from their True Form that they cannot hide. This can range from their horns, patches of skin, tails, and in some cases even their wings. Each species has a common Unhidden Trait.

The only species of demon to not have Unhidden Traits are Royal Demons.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like appearances, each species has a special set of abilities and traits that are unique to that species. However, demons also have a 'universal' set of traits.

  • Healing: Rapid healing of oneself, and of another individual. The speed of this healing will depend on the energy level of the demon performing the ability. The faster the healing, the more energy this ability will consume so it is advised for demons with lower energy levels to use the ability at a slower pace.
  • Teleportation: Bringing oneself, as well as other individuals, to other places through energy alone. The distance a demon is able to teleport is determined by the amount of energy they have (the less they have, the shorter the distance they can go). The amount of individuals that they may teleport with themselves does not affect the energy consumption.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with their mind. Most species of demon however cannot lift heavy loads, and even smaller loads take up a fair amount of energy so demons don't normally practice this ability.

Species Edit

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