Gabriel Lucifer is the current Prince of Hell, making him the son of Satan Lucifer. He makes small contributions to the government of Hell, and is the next in line to the throne if Satan is to ever step down.

Appearance Edit

In his human form, he is tall with a rather feminine figure. His hair is very long, curly, and jet black with one silver strip through it. His skin is a very pale white.

His left eye is snake-like and an amber-gold colour. His right eye is dark red in the sclera, and his pupil is a bright red pentagram. He covers his right eye with his long fringe.

In his demon form, he takes on the appearance of a Royal Demon.

Personality Edit

He is extremely bratty and self-centered. He is also very vain and flirty. He often uses his position as prince to show people up and act as if he is better than everyone else. He loves positive attention, and gets nasty when someone says something negative about him to his face. Mischief and havoc is also something he loves to bring about.

Gabriel can clingy to people he loves as well, such as his father. He also hates when things don't go his way.

Early Life Edit

Gabriel was born in Hell, and raised entirely in the Palace. He did not go to public school, so he didn't make friends as a child. He was mostly raised by the Palace nurses since his father was either too busy to take care of him, or simply didn't care to. He did, however, still look up to his father. He knew very well that one day he would be the king of Hell, and wanted to be just like Satan when the time came.

As he grew up, his father did start to come around more. They started to bond, and soon enough Gabriel became very clingy by the age of 16. He feared that his father would start disappearing again like he did as a child, so he would often follow his father around wherever he went.

Current Life Edit

As of right now, he continues to be vaguely clingy towards his father, but not so much anymore. He is the father of Phoenix and Lilith Lucifer, who are fraternal twins, with his boyfriend Ezekiel alongside him.

Relationships Edit

Satan Lucifer Edit

As stated before, he is quite attached to his father. He depends on him quite a bit, though now that he is a parent he has to spend a little more time apart from Satan now. He still tries to spend time with his father when his children don't need him.

Their relationship used to be extremely close before Ezekiel arrived. A majority of Hell actually thought for a while that they were in some sort of romantic relationship, though those are just old rumors and there was never any actual substance behind those claims.

Ezekiel Edit

Ezekiel and Gabriel had a rather odd relationship for a long time. Ezekiel, who is an angel, was at first very upset at the fact that he had fallen for the Prince of Hell himself. This caused a lot of drama between the two, and went down some very dark pathways. Eventually, they patched this all up and their relationship became healthy (or at least, as healthy as a relationship between an angel and a demon could be). Ezekiel is the father of Lilith and Phoenix, so Gabriel and Ezekiel are often together trying to handle the two children.

Raphael Lucifer Edit

Raphael is the uncle of Gabriel, and at first, Gabriel hated the idea of it. He despised angels for quite a while, and was always annoyed when Raphael came to visit. Raphael, being the happy-go-lucky man he is, did everything he could to get close with his nephew. Gabriel then started to warm up to Raphael after a while (which was very surprising to both Raphael and Satan). Now, Gabriel often uses pet names to refer to his uncle and enjoys having him around.

Michael Lucifer Edit

Gabriel loves bothering Michael. With Michael being Raphael's brother and all, he usually comes with Raphael on their visits to Hell. During these times Gabriel loves to tease and annoy Michael as much as he can, because Michael always gives him good reactions. He also likes to refer to Michael with different pet names.

Lilith and Phoenix Lucifer Edit

As the father of Lilith and Phoenix, he tries his best to raise them. He doesn't want his children to end up like how he did, being overly clingy and all. He often spends time with Phoenix, trying to make sure he's getting on just fine since Phoenix is rather shy. Lilith, on the contrary to Phoenix, doesn't enjoy spending time Gabriel which disappoints him, but he can't force her. He does his best to be as understanding as possible for them.

Trivia Edit

  • Gabriel was originally inspired by the story "The Devil Game".