Gambling demons are a species of half demon from Hell. They are Poltergeists that have escaped The Pits, and lived in Hell (usually in the Greed level) to be transformed into a more demonic phase, through the build up of demonic energy.

Appearance Edit

Gambling demons are not really demons, but more a culture of Poltergeist with demonic abilities through manifestation and a build up of demonic energy. Gambling demons, being a branch of Poltergeists, appear how they did when they died as a human. This means that the appearance of a Gambler is highly varied and there is no set appearance for these demons.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Gambling demons really only have an enhanced level of 'luck' and by nature are very good cheaters, making them the 'ideal' gambler.

Demons of Note Edit

Here is a list of demons from this species of note: