Hart demons, or commonly called Deer demons, are a species of uncommon demon found in Hell.

Appearance Edit

Hart demons are humanoids but with many deer-like features. In their True Form, they will be mostly covered in fur, feature antlers, and deer-like digitigrade legs with hooves. Their faces are oddly human, but also deer-like at the same time. They will also feature bat-like wings and another set of horns along with their antlers.

There are no specific patterns or colouration variants for these demons, like most species.

In their human form, their Unhidden trait is always having deer hooves for feet, along with fur up to the ankle.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Harts have abilities such as pyrokinesis ("fire bending"), enhanced smell (keep in mind demons already have a powerful sense of smell), and the ability to talk to deer or elk.

By nature, they are also very talented liars and cheaters.

Demons of Note Edit

Here is a list of demons from this species of note: