Hell is a realm in this universe ruled by the Royal Family, the Lucifers. It is where demons are usually born and live. Hell runs under a form of the Feudal System and nobility, though not all classes under that system are legitimate in Hell.

Layout Edit

Hell is made up of 'levels'. These levels are based on each of the Seven Deadly Sins, except for one. These levels are stacked over each other, and in order, are named:

  • Mixed
  • Lust
  • Sloth
  • Greed
  • Gluttony
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride

Demons can immigrate in and out of levels if they have the means to. Demons normally travel among levels through teleportation/magic (though this can only be done by more powerful demons), or with a Level Key. Level Keys allow demons to pass through the gate of their level and go to which ever level they desire to go. Level Keys can only be used once, and are expensive, so demons don't go in and out of levels often.

A demon's behaviour is often influenced by what level they grow up in. Their methods of gaining/loosing energy is also effected by their level, though of course they will also loose/gain energy in the way according to their species as well. Demons of all species will appear in each Level, and there is no 'set' physical form/species a Level has. Levels can be compared to countries on Earth.

Mixed Edit

The Mixed level is where you will commonly find the high class demons, since they can afford Level Keys. This level is called Mixed because demons from all levels will move here if they can afford it. This is also where the Royal Family lives.

Lust Edit

This is where Lust demons come from. Demons from lust are referred to as succubi, as that name is more of a general term rather than a separate species.

Demons raised on this level gain Energy from sex or anything in relation to the act. If a demon is born on this level, but move to another after a short period of time, they will not need to have sex to gain Energy.

Sloth Edit

Demons from Sloth are usually lazy, and do not enjoy work of any kind. Most Sloth demons don't even have hobbies. This level runs rampant with drugs however, and generally is where most drugs are created and sold. The common usage of drugs in this level is what contributes to the laziness of these demons, but it keeps the economy going for Sloth.

Sloth demons can gain Energy by doing physical labor, ironically.

Greed Edit

Greed demons are, of course, greedy and keep to themselves. They are not hermits, but they will never give their possessions away and will try their best to get things that they want, even if its through illegal means. This is why a high percentage of crime in Hell is committed by Greed demons.

Greed demons can gain Energy through receiving/stealing items.

Gluttony Edit

Demons from this Level have a constant need to eat and consume anything edible. They may not even be hungry, but they will constantly feel like eating and often aren't picky about what they eat. A high amount of Gluttony demons consume items that would be considered "taboo" to eat. Gluttony demons are almost always obese to some degree because of their constant eating. They never get tired of consuming food, and never get full. Most Gluttony demons can control their constant "hunger", but generally younger ones have trouble controlling it.

As you'd expect, Gluttony demons gain Energy by eating.

Wrath Edit

Demons of Wrath have a terrible temper. They can easily lose their temper and will be very violent when this happens. Wrath demons will often hit, throw, or destroy objects when they get angry. This includes living creatures as well. Wrath demons are infamous for being the abusers in relationships, since they cannot control their temper or what they do after they lose it. Most Wrath demons are depressed by this, as they cannot hold a normal relationship no matter how much they want it.

Wrath demons gain Energy through their anger, but will lose Energy if their temper gets loose. It takes quite a balance for Wrath demons to keep their Energy stable.

Envy Edit

Envy demons are very jealous, all the time. They constantly are jealous of each other. To combat their constant jealousy, they borrow from each other all the time. It's very normal to see Envy demons borrow each others possessions, as this will keep their jealousy to a stable degree. Envy demons will get jealous quickly, so once a demon wants their possession back after borrowing it away, the other demon will most likely feel the time and they will give each other's possessions back. However, some Envy demons will become hermits as they will be far too possessive over their items to even consider borrowing them away.

Envy demons will gain Energy by hoarding possessions. The more they own, the more energy they will gain over time.

Pride Edit

Demons of Pride are always narcissistic and selfish. They often carry mirrors with themselves and will phish for compliments in whatever way they can. When they are put down in whatever manner, they will either become extremely emotional or violent. Pride demons do not take insults well.

Pride demons gain Energy through getting positive attention and compliments.

Society Edit

Society in Hell is what you'd expect it to be; hectic, chaotic, and just about as taboo as it could be. This is all very normal in Hell, as Satan made sure for it to be. Demon society is generally very open to new ideas and will accept anyone and anything.

In the upperclass, you could almost consider most nobles to be 'posh'. In the Mixed Level, where most of the upperclass live, it has a very Victorian-era vibe. Fashion for the upperclass is also generally inspired by that same era.

As for the lowerclass, you could view it as modern day Earth, really. Except for being more accepting, of course. Demons of the lowerclass tend to be more 'animalistic' compared to that of the upperclass, since they aren't too concerned about keeping up appearances unlike those of the Mixed Level.

Nobility Edit

The nobility system in Hell is similar to that of human nobility. Noble demons typically live in the Mixed level of Hell, or in private areas of a level. Levels to not have their own rulers, as Satan made sure of this so no demon would feel that they had the power to overthrow Satan. A demon becomes a noble simply by surpassing a certain amount of money earned. The richer a demon is, the higher they are in class. Nobles do not typically serve a certain purpose, they're simply glorified rich people. A demon loses their noble status if they go below the base wage of the lowest class of noble.

Once a demon reaches the base wage for the lowest title, Viscount, they are given the title formally by Satan and are given land to live on in the Mixed level if they wish. From that point on, they can climb up the noble ladder.

A demon that isn't of the Royal Demon species cannot become a monarch, however. The monarchy ensures that no demon will earn as much money as they do, and no demon will be as rich as they are. The only way a demon that is not of the Royal species can become a monarch, is through marriage.

The prefix "Great" or "High" is often used in noble titles, but this has no real meaning and is meant to really add 'flair' to the title if the noble chooses.

Here is a list of noble titles in Hell, top being highest, bottom being lowest:

  • King/Queen - Ruler over the entirety of Hell.
  • Prince/Princess - Child of the ruler, and next in line for the throne if they are an only child, or the oldest of siblings.
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Earl/Countess
  • Viscount/Vidame

Summoning Halo Edit

A summoning halo, or a sigil halo, is a halo given only to demons of high class or demons that Satan deems 'worthy' of the ability to be summoned. This halo normally features a family's sigil or something else symbolic of the demon receiving the halo. The symbol in this halo will then be used by anyone that wishes to summon the demon, typically through drawing it.

Trivia Edit