Icarus Furfur is an Earl of Hell and is the son of the ancient Earl Furfur. He is a friend of Satan and his son Gabriel, and is close friends with Requis and Silas.

Appearance Edit

Icarus has tan skin, with pink/light red eyes. His hair is a light reddish brown with a darker braid going around the back of his head. His eyelashes are naturally long and he has a single beauty mark underneath his right eye. He is typically seen wearing red eye makeup.

His Unhidden Trait are his feet, which have reddish brown fur up to the ankles and have deer hooves.

Personality Edit

Icarus has a rather short patience, and a bad temper. He's a chronic liar and he's very skilled at it, as that is natural for a Hart Demon. He also likes disagreeing with people a lot, not necessarily because he really does disagree, but because he just enjoys doing it for spite.

When he's with his friends, such as Requis and Silas he can be a little bit friendlier. He tries his best with them since it's normally hard for him to keep friends because of his temper.

He also really likes sweets. This is something that he tries to hide, but oddly enough he's bad at it.

Early Life Edit

He grew up in a rather stressful home. His father, Furfur, was also rather terrible with a temper and would snap a lot at his son. Icarus just endured this, but soon started to develop these same behaviours. Eventually, Icarus and his father would get into intense arguments. This led to Icarus leaving his father's home early and living on his own as an Earl.

At first, he had a very hard time making friends because of his temper. Then he met Requis, who was immediately caring and friendly towards him which really was surprising.

Present Life Edit

As of right now Icarus is close friends with Requis and Silas. Requis introduced Icarus to Silas and they immediately liked each other, so they're now a small ring of friends.