Night Demons are a rare species of demon from Hell.

Appearance Edit

In their True Form, Night Demons have dark skin, ranging from a dark deep blue to pure black. They have bat-like wings, which on the membrane of these wings are small spots that resemble stars. Their eyes are also dark, with these same spots all over it, without any pupil or distinguishable sclera.

In their human form, their Unhidden Traits are usually their horns, or their eyes.

Powers and Abilities Edit

These demons live off of the energy of the night, and the day weakens them over time so they tend to only go out in the day in short bursts.

Their abilities include invisibility, creating visual hallucinations or delusions, and voice changing.

Naturally, they are good at deception and illusion. They're usually referred to as the "ultimate trickster species".

Demons of Note Edit

Here is a list of demons from this species of note: