A poltergeist is a spirit originating from Hell. They are almost always an escapee from The Pits that has fled to Earth. If a poltergeist chooses to stay in Hell, (which is very risky and may result in the poltergeist being returned to The Pits if caught) they will then slowly start the transformation from poltergeist to Gambler.

Appearance Edit

A poltergeist will appear how they died, so there is no 'set' appearance for a poltergeist. In most cases though, they will be extremely pale and sometimes a little thinner from how they used to appear when alive.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The powers of a poltergeist include invisibility, flying, contortion of the body, going through solid objects and possession of living creatures. Possession however is very draining on a poltergeist so most do not practice this.

Ghosts of Note Edit

Here is a list of poltergeists to take of note: