Countess Requis Botis is a noblewoman of Hell. She is a friend of King Satan and his son Prince Gabriel, and a close friend to Duke Silas. She is the daughter of Botis, an ancient Earl of Hell.

Appearance Edit

Requis has a pale white complexion, with a rather chubby body. Her hair is naturally a light/pastel blue, and she either keeps it in curls or lets it out to be wavy. Her eyes are a light pink. Her Unhidden Trait is her fangs. She also needs to wear eye glasses.

Personality Edit

She's what you could consider to be 'motherly'. Requis loves to take care of people, feed them, cuddle them, basically become their mother in a sense. It makes her happy to see other people happy. She mostly 'mothers' over Silas, because of his childish appearance.

She's pretty 'bubbly' and likes to be around friends. She especially likes big parties with friends.

Because she's from the level of Gluttony, she has a constant need to eat. It's not that her body needs it, she just has a psychological need to be constantly eating something.

Early Life Edit

Requis was originally born on the level of Gluttony, where her father Earl Botis raised her for a short time. Soon, Botis moved with his daughter to the Mixed level where she then grew up. She has always felt a need to be taking care of something, so when her father eventually fell ill with a rare demonic disease, she immediately did all she could to care for him like a mother.

He then passed after a few years of having the illness, which of course left her distraught. She never knew of having any sort of mother, so her father was all that she had until he passed. Being of age 25, she now held the full title of Countess.

Present Life Edit

Now as an independent Countess, she resides in the home that her father had owned when he had lived. She inherited all of his riches, and continues to earn money through the company that her father had owned.

Being scared of losing anyone else her life, she mothers and cares for everyone that she can. She doesn't want to lose someone like how she did with her father again. Since not everyone likes to be mothered, she focuses her 'needs' on a certain demon; Silas Volac. Because of how childlike he appears, and how he loves to be spoiled, this was perfect for her and they both get on with each other just fine.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, her name Requis was given more as a joke. The name had come from a gaming video of a man screaming in rage from a Modern Warfare 3 match. After a while, the name just stayed and she's now called Requis.