Satan Lucifer is the first and current King of Hell. He was one of the original 100 angels,but he was kicked from Heaven, turning him into a Fallen Angel, and from that point he transformed into a Royal Demon.

Appearance Edit

In his human form he has almost paper-white skin, long, black, curly hair and dark red eyes. He has a black beard and mustache, and dark bags under his eyes. Like all demons, his nails are more like claws and are black.

In his demon form, he takes on the appearance of a Royal Demon.

Personality Edit

Satan doesn't really show too much emotion, and often speaks in a rather monotone voice. He's kind of an enigma, in a way. Satan normally likes to joke around (often in his deadpan voice), create mischief and havoc wherever he goes, and have fun in his own way. When the moment calls for it though, he will be cold and serious.

He also has a terrible temper. When angered, he will become violent. Flip tables, destroy objects no matter how much they're worth, and even go as far as to kill living beings to take out his frustration.

Early Life Edit

Satan grew up with two older brothers in Heaven, Raphael and Michael Lucifer. Satan was rather shy and withdrawn, while Raphael was spontaneous and outgoing, and Michael was angry and irritable. Michael often took his anger out on Satan, since he was younger than him. Raphael often had to come to Satan's defense since Satan was too weak at the time to defend himself from his second older brother. Life continued on like this until Satan hit the age of 12.

Once Satan was 12, he started to try to be stronger. He did not want Raphael to continuously coddle him and protect him. He started to stand up to Michael, often getting violent with his older brother. He also began to start growing a hatred for most people he met, besides Raphael.

When he became 16, he was much stronger than he used to be. In school, he usually instigated fights for his own amusement and usually won. His powers had developed much quicker than most Angels, so most people feared him at this point. The only people who did not fear him were his brothers.

As he went through school, he continued to be top student in all his classes. Soon enough, by the age of 20, he was chosen as "God's favourite". Him and God would share ideas on how Earth would be formed, what creatures would live on it, etc. Satan gave rather dark, morbid ideas and God would work with them to suit his needs. Due to the changes that God would make to his ideas, Satan eventually started to feel as if he could do better than what God could do.

He soon asked God if he could take a hand at ruling Heaven and creating Earth. God denied him, and in his anger and disappointment decided to start a rebellion against God.

The rebellion he had led failed, and as punishment him and his followers were kicked from Heaven and sent to Hell. This is where he began to change into a Royal demon, and his followers started to form into the different species of demon that we know today.

Present Life Edit

As of right now, he rules over Hell as King with the help of his son Gabriel Lucifer and his personal servant Eden Corivus Daphyd. He is the grandfather of Gabriel's twin children, Lilith and Phoenix. Him and his brothers don't often get to contact each other, but occasionally Raphael and Michael will visit him when they are not busy in Heaven.

Relatonships Edit

Gabriel Lucifer Edit

Being the father of Gabriel, you'd expect him to have a close relationship with him. On the contrary, he and Gabriel were not always close. Satan during Gabriel's childhood was either too busy or, in all honesty, could not be bothered to look after the child. Gabriel was often left with the nurses of the palace to be taken care of. It wasn't until Gabriel was 16 that Satan started to be around for him more. Since Gabriel had never had his father around much before, he became clingy towards his father for fear that he would start disappearing again.

Raphael Lucifer Edit

Raphael is Satan's oldest brother, and use-to-be bodyguard in a sense. Raphael still babies Satan when they get the chance to see each other, and Satan doesn't really mind this. You could almost say he enjoys it, but he would never admit it. He often acts like he's annoyed with Raphael but in reality he isn't. In reality, Satan loves Raphael very much but he doesn't know how to quite show it, but Raphael knows that he loves him so he doesn't pester him on it.

Michael Lucifer Edit

Although Satan acts like he's annoyed with Raphael around, he genuinely gets annoyed when Michael is around. Michael is the same way with Satan. They have a mutual annoyance with each other and don't plan on making up anytime soon. Michael refuses to apologize to Satan, and even if he did, Satan wouldn't accept it anyway. Raphael often tries to get them closer and to get along, like he always has, but it's never worked since they both refuse to cooperate with each other.

Phoenix Damien Lucifer Edit

Satan almost sees his younger self in Phoenix, in a way. Phoenix is very shy and quiet, and Satan can relate to this. However, he still likes to play around with Phoenix and his naive behaviour. He often makes jokes and plays pranks on Phoenix, as the expense of Phoenix's own feelings. Phoenix still looks up to his grandfather though, which almost confuses Satan but he's not too surprised, being the ruler of Hell and all.

Lilith Lucifer Edit

Lilith and Satan have a rather close relationship. They are almost always together. You could say that Satan raises Lilith in a way, since she doesn't really enjoy hanging around her own parents. Satan enjoys having Lilith around, because she's probably one of the few people who actually, really get him. He has a hard time finding people to truly relate to, so having Lilith around is a nice change for him. |}