Serpent demons are a species of common demon from Hell.

Appearance Edit

Serpent demons appear similar to that of a Nāga, having a humanoid upper body while from the hips down they have the body of a snake. Unlike the Nāga, they have a second set of arms and like most demons, have horns on their head. In their human form, common Unhidden Traits are scales in small sections on the body or fangs. Unlike other demons, they do not possess wings.

The colouration of a Serpent demon highly varies. There is no distinct pattern types, or colouration types among Serpent demons like almost all species of demon.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Serpents have abilities such as enhanced strength and size, venomous bites, unhinging jaws and the ability to talk to snakes.

Because of their lack of wings, they can slither at extremely high speeds to make up for it.

Demons of Note Edit

Here is a list of demons from this species to take note of: