Vivian Gremory is a Duchess of Hell and daughter of Duke/Duchess Gremory. She is the founder and high priestess of the cult The Children of the Moon.

Appearance Edit

She has pale, almost snow-white skin with dark pink eyes and dark plum hair. She has an 'hourglass' figure naturally, the corset she wears is just for show and does not assist in her figure's appearance. She covers her left eye with an intricate eye patch, as her left eye is her Unhidden Trait and looks like what her True Form's eyes look like; black, with dots all over that look like stars.

Personality Edit

Vivian enjoys keeping a mysterious, elusive type of vibe to herself. It feeds into her 'goddess complex' and suits her natural behaviour as a Night Demon, which are known to be tricksters. She enjoys being seductive around either sex, seeing as she was born and raised in the level of Lust.

Vivian doesn't like to be told no, however. She also doesn't like it when someone denies her status as a 'goddess'. She considers them 'heretics' and believes that they 'should suffer' for not believing in her cult's ways.

Early Life Edit

As a child, she lived in the level of Lust and was always around sex and typical Lust behaviour. So, at a young age, she was already getting involved in sexual behaviour. However, she always took notice to how Satan was looked up to by almost everyone in Hell. She wanted that for herself. So, as she grew up, she became more and more interested in gods and goddesses and how they did it, how they became known as deities.

She soon flocked to the Mixed level once she was of age. Vivian continued her studies on gods and goddesses, and soon enough she figured out a way to be worshiped as such; form a cult. So she did just that. She then founded The Children of the Moon, a cult mostly comprised of lowerclass Night Demons (and some of other species, though only a few) where at first she claimed it was a sect of Satanism for specifically Night Demons. But as time went on, she started to have the cult focus more and more on herself to the point where she was referred to as "Our Gracious Goddess" by members of the cult. The cult was no longer Night Demon only, and she found this to be limiting and she wanted to be worshiped by as many as she could.

Present Life Edit

Currently, she is still the high priestess of The Children of the Moon. Vivian doesn't often perform rituals for her cult anymore, as the other priests and priestesses do rituals in her honour now.